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Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)

Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)
Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)
Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)
Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)

Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)   Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)

Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black. Includes Sonos Arc Dolby Atmos® sound bar, Gen-3 Sub, and two Sonos One SLs.

Arc - Sonos's first Dolby Atmos-capable sound bar - sounds really great on its own, with precisely angled side-firing and up-firing speakers that create a multi-dimensional soundstage full of depth and detail. That's pretty hard to improve upon, but we did it by bundling it with the new third-generation Sonos Sub and a pair of One SL speakers for full-on surround sound.

Adding the Sonos Sub brings more to the table than just booming bass. When the sub is added, it takes on the lowest frequencies - leaving Arc's amplifiers free to drive the high and midrange frequencies.

The included pair of One SL surround speakers are compact and unobtrusive, but they add an enveloping movie-theatre feel to your living room. The sub and surround speakers connect wirelessly with Arc, so you won't need to run connecting cables (though each one requires AC power). Arc has both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built in, so when you want to play your favourite tunes, all you have to do is ask. And your assistant of choice can do more than just play music. You can ask for weather and traffic updates, create a shopping list, set reminders or alarms, and control connected smart home devices like lights and thermostats - all with your voice.

Don't miss a word. Many of us struggle to hear dialogue over the background noise in our favourite shows and movies. Arc can help with that. In addition to a dedicated centre channel, it has a Speech Enhancement option that can help make dialogue more intelligible, so you don't have to turn on subtitles to keep up with the plot.

This feature is accessed in the Sonos app. If you use the Sonos app on an iOS® device, you can use that iPhone® or iPad® to optimise your system's sound quality for the unique acoustics of your room. This feature - called Trueplay - uses the mic built into your iOS device to measure how the sound from Arc, Sub, and the One surround speakers reflects off your walls and furnishings, and it adjusts the system's settings accordingly. It even calibrates the height channels. You can expand into other areas of your home by adding another Sonos One or the larger Five, in every room where you want to listen to music.

Or, you can even go portable with the more rugged, battery-powered Move. For even more bass in your home theatre setup, you can add a second a Sub. This system is very easy to get up and running. Arc has a single HDMI eARC port for connecting it to your TV. If your TV has eARC, you are all set to pass an Atmos signal through to your bar from either a connected Blu-ray player or your device's streaming services.

If your TV doesn't have eARC, you can still get great audio quality, but there are limitations on the types of signals that can pass through to Arc. If your TV is fairly new, there is a good chance that a simple ARC connection will pass the Dolby Digital Plus format that is used by streaming services to deliver an Atmos signal.

If you're unsure what formats your TV can pass, check the owner's manual. Arc will also work with TVs that don't have HDMI thanks to the included HDMI to optical adapter. It will still sound a lot better than your TV, but you will not be able to pass an Atmos signal this way.

Sonos Arc Dolby-Atmos capable sound bar, Sub (Gen 3) wireless subwoofer, and two Sonos One surround speakers. Plays TV sound, streaming music, and digital audio files from your home network. Communicates with other Sonos players via Wi-Fi or a dedicated SonosNet wireless network. Eight custom elliptical woofers deliver rich bass.

Two up-firing drivers heighten the soundstage. Dedicated centre channel for clear dialogue.

Precisely angled side tweeters and advanced audio processing create enveloping home theatre sound. Supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) or eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) connections.

TVs with eARC allow Dolby Atmos passthrough via Dolby TrueHD or Dolby Digital Plus. Dolby Atmos passthrough over ARC connections varies by TV model.

Optical digital audio adapter included as secondary connection option, but will not pass Dolby Atmos. More details available from Sonos. Stream sound from TV shows and movies to other Sonos speakers. Speech Enhancement option helps clarify dialogue. Magnetic sensor detects mounting and automatically adjusts EQ accordingly.

Built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easy voice control. Far-field microphone array can be muted with a tap. Select which Sonos speakers to play. Volume, play, pause, skip and repeat functions. Set alarms, start timers, and control compatible smart home gear. Get weather reports, news updates, time, sports and stock reports. Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant selectable as default voice control for speaker. Ambient light sensor adjusts status LEDs according to room brightness. Requires AC power (cable included). Ethernet port for wired connection to your home network. 1142mm W x 87mm H x 116mm D. Two force-canceling woofers for deep, rich bass with no cabinet buzz or rattle. Dual acoustic ports for enhanced bass performance. Audio settings are automatically adjusted to balance the Sub with your existing Sonos players. Can be placed upright or flat on its back. 402mm W x 389mm H x 158mm D. Pair of Sonos One surround speakers.

Two built-in amplifiers power two built-in drivers in each speaker (one midrange driver and one tweeter). Top-mounted touch-sensitive controls for volume, play, pause, and track skip. 120mm W x 162mm H x 120mm D (each). Weight: 1.85 Kg (each). Free download from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Compatible with Apple® and AndroidT devices. Play the same song on multiple Sonos speakers, or have different music playing on each one. Trueplay automatically adjusts Sonos speakers to your room for optimum performance. Trueplay currently works with iOS® devices only. Plays MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis, and WAV files.

Plays songs from subscription streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, TIDAL, Qobuz, Pandora, and more. Other features and general info. Apple AirPlay® 2 lets you stream directly from iOS devices and ask Siri to play Apple Music. What's in the box.

Sonos One SL x 2. This item is in the category "Sound & Vision\Home Audio & HiFi Separates\Speakers & Subwoofers".

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  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • System Configuration: 5.1.2 Channel
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Year Manufactured: 2020
  • Material: Plastic
  • Surround Sound Formats: Dolby Atmos
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Colour: Black
  • Brand: Sonos
  • Type: Home Theater Speaker System
  • Audio Inputs: HDMI
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
  • Model: Sonos Premiem Immersive Set
  • Connectivity: HDMI, Wi-Fi, Wired, Wireless
  • Features: High End, Touch Control, Voice Search, Wi Fi
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Plug Regional Fitment: UK
  • Item Weight: 30 Kg

Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)   Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc in Black (Arc + Sub + 2 x One SL)